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Ethan’s Minecraft TNT trials

Ethan is our youngest member at only nine-years old, and took part in his first GameBlast event with the team last year. He’s been looking forward to our next stream since and has been coming up with some inventive ways to raise awareness and donations for SpecialEffect! Read on to find out more from the little man himself (along with a few notes from me).

For this part of this year’s GameBlast, I will be creating an epic Minecraft world and then completely obliterating it. This will need your help of course: for every £1 donated through our JustGiving page, I will place a block of TNT on a massive structure. Then during my own Mini Minecraft Marathon, I will light it and see how much destruction it causes!

Note from Kim: we’re in the process of looking at a date for Ethan’s Mini Minecraft Marathon, and will update everyone shortly!

It doesn’t matter how much you donate, I will put that amount of TNT on the structure and write your name or gamer tag on a sign next to it for all the world to see. You can also give me insane challenges to complete and I will read through them every hour and choose my favourite one and do it live on our Twitch channel. Please keep sending in your insane challenges and donations.

Note from Kim: every penny raised through our JustGiving page goes directly to SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity dedicated to helping gamers with physical disabilities. They do this in a number of ways – such a modified controllers and eye-control systems – and do all of this wonderful work completely free of charge. Check out their website for further information.

Minecraft, video game, TNT, fence, signs

To Rob from I Played The Game! and James from Opinion Loading, who have already donated: thank you for your fantastic donations. This is a picture of the TNT structure so far just for you.

Thank you for your support.    🙂 ❤

From Ethan (epicman on the Wii U)

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