Meet the Gamely Giving team

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Ever wondered who the members of the Gamely Giving team really are? I mean, there’s got to be more to them than meets the eye – what secrets are they hiding? I’ve attempted to find out by asking them some probing questions, so read on to find out more about our members.


Choco Kid

Also known as: Ethan.

Special ability: To turn anything into chocolate by looking at it so he could have all the chocolate in the world!

Favourite gaming platform: His dad’s PlayStation 4.

Favourite video game character: The Enderman from Minecraft because he’s unique.

Ethan first heard about SpecialEffect through Kim and participated in his first GameBlast event last year. He’s really looking forward to the final explosion of his TNT tower in Minecraft, and is least looking forward to doing the karaoke forfeit.



Also known as: Kevin from The Mental Attic.

Special ability: To dive into the world of books, television and games to see and participate in the stories – the ultimate escapism.

Favourite gaming platform: He used to have a preference for PC, but his favourite gaming platform is now whatever his current favourite game is on.

Favourite video game character: It’s a tie between Link from The Legend of Zelda and Kain from Legacy of Kain. Link is a blank-slate character but there’s a degree of earnest goodness and kindness in him; and as for Kain, it’s the struggle against Fate but with a Fatalist outlook to life.

Kevin heard about SpecialEffect through Kim and has been supporting them since 2014. He’s most looking forward to playing Mekazoo during one of his stream shifts, as it’s a wonderful game not many know about – along with the ‘zombie’ look on all our faces after 72-hours of gaming. As for the forfeits: anything blindfolded or that impedes normal gameplay intrigues him!


Feline Good

Also known as: Kim from Later Levels.

Special ability: Cat whisperer… because cats.

Favourite gaming platform: Usually PC.

Favourite video game character: Theresa from the Fable series, because she’s so mysterious and you can never tell if she’s on the side of good or evil.

Kim met Hannah Whittacker from SpecialEffect at EGX 2013 and has been volunteering for them since. She’s most looking forward to Nathan doing his victory dance at the end of the stream – surely he can’t top his Single Ladies routine from last year? As for the forfeits, Kim is hoping she doesn’t have to talk like a pirate or speak like Arnold Schwarzenegger for an hour because she’s terrible at doing voices.


El Pingüino de la Muerte

Also known as: Nathan.

Special ability: To slide any distance on his belly at amazing speeds whilst being dashingly suave.

Favourite gaming platform: All platforms, but he’s been a Sony man from the start.

Favourite video game character: Kratos, because he loved the evolution of his character throughout the God of War series and is looking forward to the future games.

Nathan heard of SpecialEffect through the 1001Up (now Later Levels) team and participated in his first GameBlast last year. The thing he’s looking forward to in this year’s stream will be playing Horizon Zero Dawn as he hasn’t yet touched it! The forfeit he doesn’t want to do is walking on a bed of LEGO – like seriously, what sick individual would think of something so evil?



Also known as: Pete.

Special ability: The ability to balance any object on his chin – his other power is still a mystery and only known by Kim.

Favourite gaming platform: PC.

Favourite video game character: Wonderboy, as he’s heard he’s really good at balancing things on his chin.

Pete heard about SpecialEffect through Kim and participated in his first GameBlast marathon last year. He’s just looking forward to getting time to pay video games and is hoping he doesn’t get any of the forfeits (no such luck).


Titan Thrasher

Also known as: Tim from GeekOut South-West.

Special ability: To transform into inanimate objects that can talk, so he can make people think their homes are possessed.

Favourite gaming platform: Member of the PC master-race.

Favourite video game character: Zidane Tribal, what a guy!

Tim has supported SpecialEffect for two years, and heard of them as they are recognised across the industry as one of the premier charities for gamers. He’s looking forward to watching the rest of the team participate in the forfeits and is hoping the Five Nights at Freddy’s challenge comes up!

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