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The final countdown

There’s not long to go now: tomorrow sees the start of our marathon stream in honour of SpecialEffect. We’ll be live on our Twitch channel from 16:00 GMT on Friday for 72-hours to raise as much funds and awareness as possible for this amazing charity, helping people with physical disabilities across the country to play video games.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Great games

Each of our streamers has chosen a genre – shooters, action, adventure and platformers – and will be playing both a classic and a new release to show off the best of the category. They’ll also attempt a game they’ve never played before, nominated by the rest of the team, to put their gaming credentials to the test. Find out more over on our stream schedule.

Embarrassing forfeits

Want to see us eat a chili live on air? Take a pie to the face? Sing a group karaoke song? Each time we hit £100 in donations we’ll be using our Wheel of Forfeit to randomly select one of the challenges submitted by you guys for completion live on air. We already have two lined up – playing Dad Quest while cosplaying as the hero and trying to steer a car in Jalopy while blindfolded – but please keep those suggestions coming!

Awesome prizes

Some lovely developers and publishers have kindly donated keys for their projects and we’ve used these to put together a batch of excellent PC-game bundles. For every £50 donated, we’ll be using our Wheel of Fortune to select a lucky supporter to win one of 20 special prizes and will announce the winners next week. All you need to do to enter the giveaways is to follow us on our social media channels or make a donation to SpecialEffect via our JustGiving page. Good luck!

Big explosions

Ethan is a huge fan of Minecraft and has come up with his own unique way of supporting the charity: for every £1 raised, he’ll place a block of TNT on the tower he has set up in his online world along with a sign showing the donator’s name. He’ll then be completing his own mini-marathon next month (date to be announced), the finale of which will be to blow the tower up… boom!

Plenty of feels

Everything we’re doing this weekend is for SpecialEffect, a charity which helps people with physical disabilities to play video games using equipment such as modified controllers and eye-control technology. All money raised via our JustGiving page or by texting ‘GGGB99 £5’ to 70070 goes directly to the organisation and will enable them to continue their wonderful work.

Join us over on our Twitch channel from 16:00 GMT tomorrow, and send us a tweet to give us some encouragement. We really appreciate your support!

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Since playing The Secret of Monkey Island as a kid, Kim has since been a huge fan of point-and-click adventures for over 25 years - as well as wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets. Find her on Twitter, Steam and PSN at @kissingthepixel.

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