GameBlast17: lessons learnt

Our 72-hour marathon for GameBlast 2017 is complete! A huge thank you to everyone who supported us, watched us on Twitch and made a donation. We really appreciate it.

We’re not quite at our £1,000 target (£832.90 at the time of writing) but we have a couple more events up our sleeves to help push us towards that goal. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements and in the meantime, take a look at the post below to find out more about Kim’s thoughts on the stream!

Later Levels

That’s it: the GameBlast17 event is now over. During the weekend just passed, myself and the rest of the Gamely Giving team participated in a 72-hour gaming marathon with the aim of raising as much awareness and money as possible for the amazing charity that is SpecialEffect. A huge thank you to those lovely people who joined us while we were live on Twitch!

This is the longest marathon we’ve ever done and it was certainly an eye-opener: not everything went according to plan and we definitely learnt a few new, tough lessons. That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy ourselves however; we had an absolutely excellent time and have already started talking about what we’re going to do for GameBlast18. Here’s what the experience of this year’s event taught me…

However much you test, you haven’t tested enough

Instagram, cat, link, stream problems, GameBlast

After two weeks’ worth of testing during which there…

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Since playing The Secret of Monkey Island as a kid, Kim has since been a huge fan of point-and-click adventures for over 25 years - as well as wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets. Find her on Twitter, Steam and PSN at @kissingthepixel.

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