Ethan’s Mini Marathon: an explosively good time

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who supported us throughout our 72-hour stream for GameBlast17 at the end of April. This was the longest marathon we’ve ever completed and not everything went according to plan, but it was worth all the hard work: we’ve learnt some valuable lessons for next time and managed to raise £832.90 so far for the amazing SpecialEffect.

We’re still a little way off our £1,000 target for the charity so our thoughts are now turning to the next event:

Ethan's Mini Marathon for SpecialEffect

Nine-year-old Ethan may be the youngest member of our group but he shows just as much enthusiasm as the rest of us when he helps out with streaming, and he’ll be leading the Gamely Giving team in a 16-hour marathon on our Twitch channel next month to continue our support for SpecialEffect. More details about the event can be found on our dedicated page and the games we’re going to be playing are shown on our stream schedule – you’ll even be able to join in with a cheeky round or two of Quiplash.

There’s an added bonus for our supporters too: for every £1 donated via our JustGiving page or text number, Ethan will place a block of TNT on a massive structure in his Minecraft world along with a sign showing the supporter’s name. He’ll then light it at 20:00 GMT on Saturday, 24 June 2017 while we’re live on air so everyone see how much destruction it causes!

Every penny received goes directly to SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity that helps people with physical disabilities to play video games using equipment such as modified joypads and eye-control software. Levelling the playing field in this way isn’t only about fun: it brings families and friends together, and has a profoundly positive impact on confidence and rehabilitation.

We look forward to seeing you at Ethan’s Mini Marathon – prepare yourself for the explosion!

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Since playing The Secret of Monkey Island as a kid, Kim has since been a huge fan of point-and-click adventures for over 25 years - as well as wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets. Find her on Twitter, Steam and PSN at @kissingthepixel.

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