Participating in a streaming event for charity – be it for 24-hours or longer – is no small feat and isn’t something to be entered into on a whim or without preparation. The experience we’ve picked up through previous GameBlasts has taught us that you need to be a part of a team whom you can rely on, and whose members will look out for their teammates and their well-being. You’ll all be exhausted after so many hours of gaming and will need each other for support. Read More

In Tuesday’s post we introduced each member of the Gamely Giving team, sharing a bit more about them and uncovering their dark secrets. But there’s another member who hasn’t yet had his chance to shine in the limelight: Gaming Banana. Read More

Ever wondered who the members of the Gamely Giving team really are? I mean, there’s got to be more to them than meets the eye – what secrets are they hiding? I’ve attempted to find out by asking them some probing questions, so read on to find out more about our members. Read More