Thank you

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We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone out there who has ever heard of, liked or followed either us here at Gamely Giving or the amazing team at SpecialEffect. We really appreciate your support!

Below are people we’d personally like to thank as a team: those who have donated, those who have followed us, and those who we just wouldn’t be able to do without.


  • The team from BeautiFun Games
  • The team from Excalibur Games
  • The team from Frogwares Games
  • The team from Funcom
  • GorePixelGames
  • Luke from Hundstrasse
  • Rob from I Played The Game!
  • The team from Lince Works
  • James from Opinion Loading
  • Chris from OverThinker Y
  • The team from Small Impact Games
  • The team from Toxic Games
  • Samma and the rest of the team from the Ursa Major Tattoo Studio
  • The team from Zoink Games

  • Followers

  • A Guy Called Kane
  • Nick Thien from Adulting Now!
  • Sam Atkin from Donegal
  • Dimlicht from Game Cartography
  • Luna from GamersUnitedGG Blog
  • natteringsaboutfootballandgames from games and stuff
  • Luke from Hundstrasse
  • benez256 from I ❤ Old Games!
  • Rob from I Played The Game!
  • Earvin Kyle T. Amacan from Kaylum Circle
  • Love, Luna
  • Lyte Bytes
  • Madison Houston from Maddy times
  • ModernGamer from ModernGaming
  • My Gaymer Blog
  • Recreational Hobbyist
  • squareblind
  • Matt from The Album
  • The Well-Red Mage
  • Astro Adam from Video Games Nebula